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Just-in-Time Inventory

Agile and responsive

Our manufacturing facilities are built and stocked to provide custom orders at a moment's notice. With our dependable rapid response system, your business will be able to seize unforeseen opportunities and market shifts. We can guarantee that we will keep you well-stocked and well-prepared with speedy delivery.

Reduce overhead and overstock

Partners who integrate our JIT service into their supply chain can reduce inventory, warehouse space and payroll costs while increasing agility and inventory throughput. Our service enables modern businesses like yours to adapt quickly while remaining agile.


Factory Direct Prices

Prices direct from the source

We manufacture our own products to guarantee the best quality and price, and our partners who wish to purchase in bulk 40' container loads will enjoy factory direct prices. 

connect with in-house sales

Is your business ready to scale your supply chain and greatly increase your profit margins? Click below and get connected with our in-house sales team to get started with factory direct prices.


Consultation & Other Requests

JT Wires boasts a collection of industry experts in manufacturing and construction. If you would like to learn more, schedule an online consultation, contract our experts as consultants for a project, or make some other type of request, we are happy to accommodate. Click below to get in touch!